Beach Bunny Announce Their New Album ‘Emotional Creature’ And Release The Lovestruck Single ‘Fire Escape’

Chicago-based quartet Beach Bunny blew up before they even released an album because of their addictive hit “Prom Queen.” The infectious energy of that track was transferred over into their debut album, 2020’s Honeymoon, which opens with the jangly “Promises” and closes on what became their next hit, “Cloud 9.” Now, after some new bangers and even a Tegan & Sara collaboration, the band has announced their sophomore record, Emotional Creature, arriving July 22 on Mom+Pop Music. The lovestruck single “Fire Escape” is out now.

“We are always changing, growing, and adapting – it’s a deeply ingrained part of the human experience,” bandleader Lili Trifilio said about the album. “We strive to be stronger, trust we’ll grow smarter, and spend most of our lives reaching for comfort and happiness. Sometimes, life is stagnant, sometimes, life is difficult — but the wonderful part of being human is that we evolve and make the bleak moments beautiful — we find new ways to survive. Humans are emotional creatures and I wanted to capture that with this album in order to show how complex, sometimes tragic, and mostly wonderful the human experience can be.”

Emotional Creature was produced by Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack) at Chicago’s Shirk Studios. Check out the album artwork and tracklist below; listen to “Fire Escape” above.

Beach Bunny Emotional Creature
Beach Bunny

1. “Entropy”
2. “Oxygen”
3. “Deadweight”
4. “Gone”
5. “Eventually”
6. “Fire Escape”
7. “Weeds”
8. “Gravity”
9. “Scream”
10. “Infinity Room”
11. “Karaoke”
12. “Love Song”

Emotional Creature is out July 22 on Mom+Pop Music. Pre-order it here.