Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Is Documenting His Cancer Journey In A Powerful New Memoir

Prior to announcing Blink-182’s official reunion, Mark Hoppus attended the Children’s Hospital gala in Los Angeles over the weekend. Attending the red carpet with his wife, he spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about some other exciting career moves he has in the works.

Hoppus is hopping on over to the book world, revealing that he’s in the process of writing a memoir. While it will include details about his time in Blink-182, Hoppus will also document his journey of battling a cancer diagnosis. In June 2021, Hoppus entered treatment for stage 4 lymphoma. He has since been cancer-free since last September after breaking the news on Instagram.

“I started writing a book, actually, earlier this year,” Hoppus said. “I’m not that far into it yet but I’m writing a book about my life and experience in Blink and what I’ve gone through over the past year or so.”

“We’re finalizing the deal and I’m really happy with the way that’s coming together. I’m excited to tell my story,” he continued. “I didn’t say anything about being sick for the longest time because I was so scared and overwhelmed by the whole thing.”

Blink-182 will embark on their reunion tour next year, with stops across North and South America, Europe, and Australia. A complete list of dates, along with more information, is available here. The band also are dropping a new song, “Edging,” this Friday.

Blink-182 is a Warner Music artist. .