Mark Hoppus Really Wanted To Spill The Beans About Blink-182’s Reunion To A Random Fan

Yesterday (October 11), Blink-182 made a major reveal: Tom DeLonge was back in the band and the classic lineup is now gearing up for a new album and tour. A single, “Edging,” is also set to drop in just a couple days. While that news was unveiled yesterday, things like these are in the works for some time, and all the while, Mark Hoppus had a hard time keeping the secret.

He spoke about DeLonge’s return on an episode of his Apple Music Hits show After School Radio yesterday, saying, “Man, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That was a burden to carry that secret for so long.”

He continued:

“I was at the Dodgers game the other night, and a fan came up. It was a guy and his wife, probably late twenties, early thirties. And the guy’s like… we take our picture, and he’s like, ‘I love your band. Grew up on your band.’ He’s like, ‘Dude, is there any way, any way at all?’ And I’m like, ‘Any way for what?’ And he’s like, ‘Is there any chance of a Blink-182 reunion tour with Tom back in the band at all?’ And he had such hope and desperation in his eyes, and I just wanted to put my hand on his shoulder and say, ‘My friend, just you wait. Just wait three, four more days.'”

Hoppus also noted of the band, “It’s all good. Everyone’s on a good page. We’re all stoked, and lots of shows coming up.”

Blink-182 is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.