Bon Iver Performed A New Ruth Bader Ginsburg Tribute Song, ‘Your Honor’

As part of Bon Iver’s “For Wisconsin” initiative, Justin Vernon is hosting contests, winners of which will get to meet him and discuss voting. Vernon posted a photo of one of those meet-ups yesterday, and in it, he performs a new song he wrote for the recently deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Your Honor.”

Introducing the song to contest winners Benny and Eric, Vernon said, “I wrote a song on Friday, which I never do anymore. I kinda wrote it right after we heard about Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing. She just opened so many doors for so many people that people don’t even understand or realize, and her service to the nation, I think, is still somehow underestimated.”

He then played an electric guitar and sang lyrics like, “Time’s getting shorter and shorter / Why waste your fine life? / See it’s already fostered in for ya / Can’t you just feel for another? / I implore ya,” and, “This is farther and farther from over / You’re in the margins of time / What say you, what say your honor?”

Before the song, Vernon and the contest winners discussed politics. Eric, an unsure voter, brought up his struggles with the current two-party system, a topic that was the focus of their conversation.

Watch Vernon perform “Your Honor” and talk with the contest winners above.