Everything Is Brendon Urie’s Fault, According To A New Twitter Trend

Panic At The Disco leader Brendon Urie has mostly kept his head down over the past year or so. He didn’t release any new material under his own name in 2020 and neither did his band (although Panic At The Disco has actually been an Urie solo project since 2015). The last time he popped up in the mainstream music conversation was in 2019, when he featured on Taylor Swift’s Lover single “Me!.” He hasn’t done anything in 2021 so far either, and yet, he is trending on Twitter today; For some reason, he is being blamed for basically all of the world’s problems.


This faux-hate has been simmering on Twitter over the past couple days, and the list of global issues that were supposedly caused by him include the death of Adobe Flash, One Direction breaking up, the rise of Logan Paul, and the fall of the Roman Empire.




Urie has yet to respond to the many allegations made against him. In fact, he hasn’t posted on social media from his personal accounts in about half a year, so he clearly saw this day coming and has been preemptively laying low.

Check out some other tweets below to learn about the myriad of ways Urie has negatively impacted global history.