Taylor Swift And Brendan Urie Gave A Sparkly Performance Of ‘ME!’ On ‘The Voice’

“ME!” is an important song for Taylor Swift for a number of reasons. In addition to being her latest single, it’s also one of her most successful, as it peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (and it could have topped it if not for Lil Nas X). If all that wasn’t enough, it was on the set for the song’s video where Swift met her newest cat, Benjamin Button. She’s in full promotional mode for the song right now, and she and Brendon Urie gave the song its television debut at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this month.

Now she and Urie have taken the stage to perform the song once again, this time during last night’s season finale of The Voice. Swift began backed by a set of giant sparkling butterfly wings, and she and her background dancers were later joined by Urie when it came time for his vocal contributions. All in all, it jubilant performance of one of the year’s most upbeat singles.

It’s fitting to see the song performed on TV, because Swift has been connected to TV (and movies) a lot recently. She recently said that some of her songs were influenced by Game Of Thrones, but denied that “ME!” has anything to do with The Avengers.

Watch Swift and Urie perform “ME!” on The Voice finale above.