Chris Stapleton’s Grammys Performance Of ‘Cold’ Was A Breathtaking Victory Lap For Country’s Big Winner

At the 64th Grammy Awards, no other country artist was as decorated as Chris Stapleton. Before the main event even began, Stapleton had already claimed two awards during the Grammys premiere event telecast. His song “You Should Probably Leave” won the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance, and his song “Cold,” won for Best Country Song (a songwriting award.) As the Grammy evening began to unfold, Stapleton soon took home his third prize of the night when his album, Starting Over, won the coveted award for Best Country Album.

Three for three for Stapleton, who is undoubtedly one of the best in Nashville and has now also won Best Country Album three times. So it was a fitting moment when soon after winning his final award, Stapleton took to the stage to perform “Cold” and it was most definitely breathtaking.

Backed by his band The Honchos, a hypnotic piano made way for smoky drums as Stapleton took to the mic, guitar in hand. His gravelly vocals were sublime as he sang the seething lyrics, “Oh, why you got to be so cold? Why you got to go and cut me like a knife.” A full string section joined the arrangement, making this an especially cinematic rendition of the tune. And of course, Stapleton’s lead guitar left a lingering mark in between his gorgeously delivered vocals.