Dave Grohl Describes His ‘Anxiety Dreams’ About Kurt Cobain Still Being Alive And Performing With Nirvana

Over the years, Dave Grohl has spent some time considering Kurt Cobain, whether his late bandmate is brought up in interviews or he looks back on his own. The deceased Nirvana leader even finds his way into Grohl’s “anxiety dreams,” as he tells Rolling Stone in a new feature.

Grohl describes how these dreams tend to go, saying:

“I’ve always had these live-performance anxiety dreams. They’re usually Nirvana-related. Like, Kurt’s still alive and we’re doing a show, and I’m so excited that people get to see this once again. And I walk onstage and my drumsticks are the size of telephone poles. And then the audience just kind of begins to scatter.”

He also spoke about performing “Heart-Shaped Box” with his daughter Violet at an event, describing it as a particularly emotional moment: “One of the greatest parts about it was that I think that she most represented the original aesthetic of Nirvana in that she’s a kid going through those difficult years of discovering identity. I’m used to playing that song with Kurt standing in front of me. And looking out and seeing Violet was… I beat the f*cking sh*t out of my drums. The drums weren’t big enough for what I was doing. It was f*cking amazing.”

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