Dave Grohl Has Thought Deeply About Making A Horror-Musical ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Remake

Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl has gotten really into cinema in recent times: The band’s movie Studio 666 is on the way, and last year, Grohl released his What Drives Us documentary. Now, there’s apparently another film project he’s spent time thinking about, and it’s a weird one.

Grohl guested on The Late Late Show yesterday alongside Hilary Duff, who stars in How I Met Your Father, which builds on the long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother. James Corden asked Grohl if he’s ever had interest in reviving a TV show like that, and Grohl detailed an idea he and his band have had, about going to a formal event in costume as the cast of Gilligan’s Island (a popular TV show from the ’60s, for our younger readers).

Grohl continued:

“So we started thinking about how we were going to do this, and then that snowballed into this idea, like: ‘Wait a second, no one’s made a Gilligan’s Island remake yet?’ Everybody remakes all the cool old TV shows from the ’80s, ’70s. And then I thought, ‘Oh my god, maybe it’s a Gilligan’s Island remake movie, but it’s not only a horror film, it’s a musical?'”

Elsewhere on the program, Grohl and Duff talked about their various goings-on and tried to guess what songs Corden was playing (horribly) on a keyboard, so check out clips from the show above and below.