Dave Grohl Describes His Alcohol-Filled Pre-Show Routine

Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl made a visit to The Late Late Show With James Corden yesterday ahead of the premiere of the band’s new horror film, Studio 666. The film, which premieres this Friday, February 25th, sees the band playing fictional versions of themselves as they record their 10th studio album Medicine At Midnight.

Earlier this month, Foo Fighters revealed a song called “March Of The Insane” from Studio 666‘s soundtrack, recorded under the alias Dream Widow. The song contains elements of death metal, with Grohl screaming much of the vocals. Corden then asked Grohl how he manages to scream on those kinds of tracks without destroying his vocal cords.

“I am seriously genetically predisposed to just scream my balls of for three hours a night,” Grohl said, before knocking on the wooden table and proceeding to describe his warm-up routine:

“My warm-up starts one hour before the show. I open a beer, and then within 10 to 15 minutes, I do a shot of whiskey. At that point, the beer is probably gone. So I grab another beer and then have one more shot. Now it’s 15 minutes before I go on, so I finish the beer, because I want to make sure I get on stage with a cold one. Then I take one more shot of whiskey, and then I go scream for three hours, and then I order pizza.”

Grohl says he wouldn’t recommend this pre-show ritual to other musicians, “but f*ck it, it works for me.”

Check out the clip above.