Dave Grohl’s Guts Get Purged By Demons In The Red Band Trailer For Foo Fighters’ ‘Studio 666’ Horror Film

“Dave Grohl’s been possessed. Now he’s on a murderous rampage!” That’s a line from Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear in the trailer for the band’s new slasher flick, Studio 666. What ensues in the gruesome red band trailer is a preview of the many gnarly moments in the comedy horror film that’s due out in theaters on February 25th.

First, Grohl gets his intestines ripped out by blood-thirsty demons before an epic montage of death sequences. There’s chainsaw massacres, an axe to the dome, The Exorcist-style projectile vomit, Grohl making smash burgers out of lead guitarist Chris Shiflett’s head, and the untimely death of drummer Taylor Hawkins who gets decapitated by a Zildjian cymbal.

The trailer clears up any doubts about what type of film Studio 666 is going to be, as all of the scenes are not without their comedic moments. “Is the album almost done?” a lady asks Grohl. “It’s killer…” he responds with wide eyes. The premise of Studio 666 is that the band moves into a house to record an album, but the place is charged with evil spirits. The spirits take charge over Grohl’s soul, which both creatively charges him and turns him into a bloodthirsty demon himself. Along with the band, the film also features Whitney Cummings, Will Forte, and even a cameo from Lionel Richie.

Watch the Studio 666 red band trailer above.