Protomartyr Remixes Dehd’s ‘Loner’ Into A Washed-Out And Hypnotic Tune

Chicago trio Dehd has a big week month of them. Not only is the band slated to perform at Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend, but shortly thereafter, the band is set to debut their Flower Of Devotion Remixed album. Giving fans another taste of the upcoming project, Dehd tap fellow indie rock outfit Protomartyr to rework their 2020 track “Loner.”

For their version of the song, Protomartyr takes vocalist Emily Kempf’s lyrics and subdues them under a blanket of hypnotic chords. It’s the third remix that Dehd has shared ahead of their album’s debut, following Lala Lala’s remix of “Desire” and Physical Medium’s remix of “Flying.”

Dehd’s guitarist Jason Balla praised Protomartyr’s “badass” work in a statement alongside the new track:

“I have a suspicion that this is the most badass a Dehd song will ever sound simply because Protomartyr are so badass. They have a way of making gloomy optimism and ‘Loner’ is swimming in it. I got to tour with them a few years back and their live performances have really left an impression on me. I think it was also on this fated tour that our tour manager introduced me to the music of Detroit house producer Moodymann, which has been a big inspiration to me and to the idea of making this remix record.”

Listen to “Loner (Protomartyr Remix)” above.

Flower Of Devotion Remixed is out 9/17 via Fire Talk. Pre-order it here.