DIIV Celebrate 10 Years Of Their Debut ‘Oshin’ With An Expanded Edition

Ten years ago was a great time for shoegaze, especially with the release of DIIV‘s stunning debut Oshin. The album received a slew of praise and still continues to influence reverb-loving bands today. To celebrate the anniversary, they’re unveiling a 10 year anniversary 2xLP expanded limited edition vinyl, as well as a box set collection of their inaugural three 7″s “Sometime,” “Human,” and “Geist,” which haven’t been repressed since the original release. This is all in addition to their already-announced show at the Brooklyn Steel on June 23 where they’ll be playing the album in full.

Oshin is our first album,” the band said in a statement. “It came out ten years ago and because of that we have decided to put together a very nice and very intricate and thoughtful 10th anniversary edition of the album for you. We are packaging it alongside my homemade demo recordings and a few unreleased live recordings from one of our first shows. It has new art by our friend Parker Sprout and it has some writing from the members of the band, the writer of the original Oshin poem, and an expansive meditation on the history of the album from Shaad D’souza. We hope you enjoy it.”

The 2xLP will include demos, live cuts, an unreleased track, a booklet, and more. The digital release is June 24, while the physical is August 19. Find more information here.