Premiere: New York’s Warm Return In A Big Way With ‘Home,’ A Beautiful Shoegaze Love Song

01.24.18 1 year ago

Patrick Capriglione

Back in March 2015, I stumbled across a band from New York called Warm, probably in a Facebook group. As soon as I clicked play on their debut three-song EP called Warm Pt. 1, it absolutely blew me away, chock-full of lush guitar tones and intertwined male and female vocals. Three years later, Warm is back with four brand new songs for a follow-up EP, which is fittingly called Pt. 2.

Pt. 2 is set for digital release later this week, but we are happy to be exclusively premiering “Home,” an astoundingly beautiful new addition to the Warm catalogue. Recorded and mixed by Brendan Williams at Gain Stage Studio in New Paltz, New York, “Home” showcases incredible, reverb-doused vocal harmonies over noisy, but ambient guitars, and is just more proof that Pt. 2 was worth the wait.

“The song is about love,” the band said in an email. “It’s about being completely infatuated with someone. When you’re with them time stands still. All you can see is them, their little facial expressions, the way their hands feel in yours. And when they leave, you want them to come back. Until then, they are the only thing you can think about.” Stream “Home,” and become enamored with Warm, below.

Pt. 2 is out digitally on 1/26 via Bandcamp, and will also be available across all streaming services.

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