Does Machine Gun Kelly Have A New Stage Name?

If you’ve ever had trouble deciding whether to call Cleveland rapper-turned-rocker Colson BakerMachine Gun Kelly” or its abbreviated version “MGK,” there might be some good news on the horizon. He’s gone ahead and helped us all to decide, opting to update his artist name on DSPs and other online directories.

However, the question of whether he has a “new” name is … well … you’ll see. Since Machine Gun Kelly is certainly more evocative of activities that might prevent Mr. Baker from all the sponsorship opportunities it takes to run an entertainment enterprise these days, he’s shortened it to its abbreviation.

But, rather than simply going with the acronym “MGK,” he also decided to miniaturize it in addition to truncating it, instructing directories to display it in all lower-case letters, “mgk.” He’s also updated his social media handles, although he’s kept the @ name “@machinegunkelly” for the moment, presumably because it’s practically impossible to update those things thanks to Zuck and Musk’s bromance/rivalry (they wanna be best friends so bad, truly the Cardi/Nicki of tech).

In any case, “mgk” probably won’t be much harder to search for than “Machine Gun Kelly” (it’s faster to type, at least), so as far as name changes go, it’s not the most dramatic. Maybe that’s why he insisted on the all lower-case; if there’s one thing we do know about Mr. mgk, it’s that he’s all about the drama.