Machine Gun Kelly Gave One Of The Most Awkward Interviews You’ll See All Year At An F1 Race

Earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly honored a fan’s request by punching them in the face. It sounded painful, although not as painful as watching an interview MGK took part in over the weekend.

Moments before F1’s Brazilian Grand Prix kicked off, Sky Sports reporter Martin Brundle spoke to Machine Gun Kelly. The interview got off to an awkward start (“Welcome to our grid” “… I have no idea what you said, but thank you”) and only got worse from there. When Brundle asked MGK to “tell us about your career at the moment,” he replied, “I don’t think about my career. I don’t think about it.” Brundle, who clearly had no idea who he was talking to, wished Kelly “good luck” with his career, “whatever you do.”

The interview was far from over, however.

Brundle: “What do you think about our business in F1?”

MGK: “Business is great. It’s loud! Your life’s on the line. That’s exciting. I was at a studio the other week and Lewis Hamilton was in the other studio. That was nice… [interminable silence]… What do you think about my business?”

Brundle claimed that “we love your business because there’s always been a great synergy between the music business and the motor racing business somehow.” That’s when Kelly started playing the air guitar. When the reporter refused to join him on air piano, MGK gave the camera a thumb down and walked away (he later claimed his anxiety “won”). “Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas card list,” Brundle remarked.

After the interview went viral, Machine Gun Kelly wrote on X, “my vibe is ‘the worst’ how? because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when i was just trying to enjoy an event? because car engines were so loud i couldnt hear him? please tell me more about why im the worst.” Maybe MGK isn’t the issue — Brundle talking to people he’s unfamiliar with (especially rappers) is.

You can watch the footage below.