Father John Misty Offers A Bar Night Snapshot In His ‘Kiss Me (I Loved You)’ Video

Last week saw the release of Father John Misty’s latest album, Chloë And The Next 20th Century. Now, he’s back with a video for “Kiss Me (I Loved You),” in which characters played by Annie Hamilton (of Inventing Anna and Hawkeye) and Alexander Zuccaro spend a mostly uneventful night at a bar.

Misty hasn’t given any interviews this album cycle or offered press quotes about the meanings or origins of Chloë And The Next 20th Century songs. However, after performing “Kiss Me” in Brighton, England on April 10, he told a fictitious and humorous story about getting Jack Cruz to cover the song, a recording (actually sung by David Lynch) that appears on a deluxe edition of the album. For those unfamiliar, Cruz is a monkey who stars alongside Lynch in the 2017 short film What Did Jack Do?.

In a fan-shot video, Misty tells the audience, “His music was a big inspiration on a few of these songs and by the time the record was done, I thought it would be really nice and full-circle if I could somehow get Jack to sing this song, ‘Kiss Me.'” From there, he spoke of contacting Lynch, Lynch explaining what Cruz is up to now, and other fun monkey shenanigans.

Watch the “Kiss Me (I Loved You)” video above.
Chloë And The Next 20th Century is out now via Sub Pop. Get it here.