Feist Announced A Series Of Intimate Performances, ‘Multitudes,’ Featuring New Music

Feist, one of the greatest (and still underrated) artists of our time, has announced an intimate performance called Multitudes. The new live show was developed by Feist and designer Rob Sinclair — who worked on David Byrne’s American Utopia, and with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Tame Impala — in the midst of quarantine. Designed as an “Ω in-the-round performance experienced in custom 18-point D&B Soundscape immersive audio,” the ethos of the show is an effort to be “radically communal, and topsy-turvy concert that muddies the roles between audience and performer.”A press release also said that the show is “formulated to bring people together as they re-emerge from lockdown while providing an outlet for connection between artist, art, and community.”

Featuring all new music written and performed by Feist, accompanied by Todd Dahlhoff and Amir Yaghmai, the audience will be welcome to contribute their own noise or vocals to the show. No word yet on whether new songs or videos will be released leading up to the live performances, but since there’s clearly new Feist music in existence, hopefully that means we’ll get a new album soon. Oh, and I’ll take my copy without any contributions from the audience, thanks.

For updates check out listentofeist.com.