The First Officially Released Song Using Grimes’ AI Voice Is Here And Grimes Thinks It’s A ‘Masterpiece’

On the heels of Grimes expressing her thoughts about AI recreations of her voice, she has now released the first collaboration with LA-based artist and producer Kito. Titled “Cold Touch,” it was created on Grimes’ newly-created generator platform, Elf.Tech. It’s the first officially released song that features “GrimesAI,” as Grimes’ AI voice is credited.

“I can’t feel the breeze / Baby I am a machine / I don’t know what love means / I can’t feel the breeze / Baby I am a machine / I don’t know what love means,” the Grimes AI voice sings on the hyper electronic track.

Last week, Grimes herself called the song a “masterpiece” after Kito dropped a teaser for it. It was co-written by Kito, Fred Ball, and Nina Nesbitt.

“‘Cold Touch’ is a song written from the perspective of an AI trying to understand love. I think our slightly weird and awkward relationship with using AI for creative expression is muddled because as things come out, we don’t actually know what involvement AI had, and we’re still figuring it out in real time,” Kito said about the track, via Line Of Best Fit.

While this marks the first official AI release on Grimes’ profile on the generator platform, there’s a high possibility that we’ll be seeing more collaborations in the future.

Check out Kito’s “Cold Touch” feat. GrimesAI above.