Girlpool Recruit Dev Hynes, Porches, And Lydia Ainsworth To Remix ‘Like I’m Winning It’

In March, Girlpool released their latest new song, “Like I’m Winning It.” The track is a departure from the indie-rock of their 2019 album What Chaos Is Imaginary, instead leaning more into synth-pop territory. Now the group has been pulled into even more varying genre directions with their latest effort: A remix EP, Touch Me (It’s Like I’m Winning It), featuring three new versions of the tracks remixed by their musical peers.

Contributing to the EP are Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, Porches, and Lydia Ainsworth. The band says of the idea behind the EP, “It’s really cool to hear our song realized differently by artists we admire. Each remix is so unique and unexpected.”

Tucker previously said of the song, “‘Like I’m Winning it’ is about power and lust: How can the weight of someone’s attention feel so heavy just because of its scarcity? This is a song about playing with that line — the line between the electricity in receiving attention and what’s unattainable. I sent this song to our friend Amalia Irons a couple of days after I made a demo at home. I knew she would create a video for this song that was charged, psychedelic, and romantic.”

Stream the “Touch Me (It’s Like I’m Winning It)” remix EP below.