Glaive And Ericdoa Team Up For The Rebellious Single ‘F*ck This Town’

Glaive has established himself as one of the more fascinating rising teenagers in music over the past year or so, and now he has teamed up with another similarly internet-boosted artist, Eric Doa, for a new single. The song is “F*ck This Town,” and like many of Glaive’s tunes, it packs a lot of energy and hooks into its sub-two-minute runtime.

Glaive says of the track, “‘f*ck this town’ was made the second time I met eric in person. This song was the first one we made… we freaked that.”

Ericdoa added, this song is special to me cause it’s the first hook me and ash ever wrote together #wholesome.”

The pair has a collaborative EP on the way, which doesn’t yet have a confirmed title but is due for release at some point in September.

The song lines up with how Glaive previously described his music-making process, saying, “It was a good way of getting out emotions instead of being friggin’ sad all the time. Most of my songs are pretty sad, but I’m a pretty happy, energetic person. Getting rid of all those negative emotions through music — then I don’t have to talk about it at any other time.”

Watch the “F*ck This Town” video above.