Gorillaz Debut ‘New Gold,’ A Collaboration With Tame Impala And Bootie Brown, At All Points East Festival

Gorillaz played a set at All Points East in London last night, August 19, where they debuted a new song with Tame Impala and Bootie Brown called “New Gold.” Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn introduced it by saying, “It’s kind of a mad song, to be honest with you,” and then welcomed Tame Impala and Bootie Brown, making the crowd roar. The trippy track is an eclectic, exuberant journey, as Gorillaz songs often are, but even moreso with the different collaborators.

In 2020, Albarn discussed plans for a Gorillaz movie. “Well, we are supposed to be making a film while we’re doing season two [of ‘Song Machine’]. We signed contracts, we’ve begun scripts and stuff,” he said. “Making an animated film that’s kind of abstract is quite a big risk for a movie studio because they’re very expensive. If you’re telling a slightly obtuse, weird story that only sometimes makes any sense, it’s quite difficult. That’s what we’ve discovered. But we will do it, we are doing it. I see a lot of people doing animated videos these days but I don’t think they really touch the quality of ours. We’re more in the world of Studio Ghibli.”

Watch the performance of “New Gold” above and pre-save it here.

Gorillaz is a Warner Music artist. .