Grimes Has Teamed Up With Mood Music App Endel For Her New ‘AI Lullaby’ Project

Grimes has long been on the cutting edge, and the enigmatic musician has shared another creative new endeavor today: She has teamed up with algorithm-based mood music app Endel for “AI Lullaby.”

Endel explains the project, “AI Lullaby is a limited edition sleep soundscape with original vocals and music created exclusively for this project by our favorite artist Grimes. The sounds are processed by Endel Pacific technology to generate а soundscape that adapts in real-time to your location, weather, and natural light exposure. AI Lullaby is scientifically engineered to help children and adults sleep and nap better.”

Grimes shared a sample of the audio in a 90-second video, but the full experience is available through the Endel iOS app until December 23, with versions for Android and Amazon Alexa coming later this year.

The project site has a smattering of quotes attributed to Grimes, including, “Babies need quality audio,” “This project is basically live remixing of ambient music by robots for babies, haha,” and, “And I’m like aw hey cute little machine!” She also said in a statement, “I think, if approached properly, AI has the ability to radically fix our world. I appreciate Endel because they represent the growing trend of humane technology. I hope that the fields of AI safety, research, philosophy, as well as humane AI and spiritual technology etc. can grow a lot in the coming years. We’ll need it!”

Watch the video above.

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