Grimes Shared That She’s Been ‘Very Easy To Cancel’ While Appearing On Julia Fox’s Podcast Episode

During a recent appearance on Julia Fox’s podcast, Forbidden Fruits, Grimes opened up about her thoughts regarding cancel culture. Between sharing two children with Elon Musk and a number of other interesting moments, she’s been no stranger to it — as she points out.

“I think it’s fairly obvious… I’m very easy to cancel and canceled very often,” Grimes said. “I’ve always been exceptionally canceled. People call me a ‘techno-fascist’… I agree a lot of things have been mishandled and we’re in this giant hiccup into a different part of civilization that is extremely unprecedented.”

Still, Grimes also took a bit of accountability, noting that she’s said some “dumb stuff.”

“You’ve said some smart stuff too,” Fox told her in response, according to Billboard.

“I think we need a better discourse… the way I wish people would approach me in better faith — I approach everyone in good faith — if people are being hateful on the internet those people are mad because they want a better world,” Grimes added.

Throughout the episode, Grimes also discussed her recent remarks regarding AI, which has been a controversial subject in music currently. While AI songs modeled after Drake and The Weeknd were pulled from streaming, Grimes told her social media followers that she was open to people making AI music of her. She also launched a platform to do it.

“I think the engineers who create the tools that we use are often very under appreciated – all music right now is pretty much a dialogue between the engineers and the artists. We have just been given a plethora of tools that are very unprecedented,” she shared.