Grimes’ Music Career Is Now Just A ‘Side Quest,’ She Said While Explaining Why She Hasn’t Dropped ‘Book 1’ Yet

Over the past few years, Grimes has been in the spotlight, more so for her personal life and her on-again, off-again relationship Elon Musk, as well as her two kids, one of whom has gained much attention for their name, X Æ A-12.

But fans of Grimes music have been anxious for her new album, BOOK 1, which she has been teasing for the past two years.

Grimes took to Twitter to explain the delay of the album, noting that she has had a hard time adjusting to fame.

“I know BOOK 1 is so late,” she said. “reason is minor legal stuff, but moreso… fame and notoriety is a unique hell. Not to say life isn’t blessed and my GOD ten time better = I’m the luckiest girl on earth, but do I want the attention an album brings? 100% nooo (with all due respect).”

While she’s not looking forward to having the spotlight on her as she rolls out the album, she revealed she still plans to release it, however, she does not want to draw unwelcome attention to her children, her friends, or her family. She wrote, “Ofc I’ll still release BOOK 1 & more. I owe y’all, the artists life is blessed and I take that seriously. But! My fam, best friends, and babies get dragged in no matter what i do,’ the narrative doesn’t belong to me. my friends/ fam r my whole Life – this is their battle too.”

As of now, Grimes said music is her “side quest,” noting that she is enjoying a combination of reduced pressure and increased freedom. She wrote, “I’ll always release music but if it hasn’t been clear ; music is my side quest now. Tbh reduced pressure x increased freedom = prob more music just ideally ‘Low key. I’ll always do my best to entertain whilst depleting my literal reputation I hope that’s ok I love y’all.”