Fans Think A Hawk Seen Flying Over The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert In LA Was A Sign From Hawkins Himself

The Los Angeles edition Taylor Hawkins tribute concert was last night (September 27), and like the London event before it earlier this month, it was a gargantuan and emotional affair. There was some emotion well before the show even started, though, as some fans waiting outside the venue saw something that moved them.

Ahead of yesterday’s concert, a Reddit user shared a video on the r/foofighters subreddit, of a hawk flying over the Kia Forum, noting the bird was spotted “just before” the doors opened. The clip shows the bird soaring in the clear blue sky over the venue and parking lot. One Reddit commenter noted the hawk “has been hanging around there at least since yesterday [September 26].”

Hawkins, given his last name, incorporated hawks into some of his branding, like on his drum kit when performing with Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders (as seen in the 2010 photo at the top of this post).

People found some meaning in this avian sighting. In the Reddit comments, one user noted, “Tell me Taylor is here, without telling me Taylor isn’t here. Taylor’s spirit will live FOREVER!” Somebody else wrote, “If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.” Another person said, “Taylor is just checking up on things. He’s alright.”

In a repost of the video on Twitter, one person commented, “All of us who caught it definitely felt something.” Another wrote, “I saw one. I felt almost an ‘I love you too’ vibe, but…I don’t know…almost a reassuring feeling, I can’t explain it…” A different Twitter user wrote, “You can’t tell me that wasn’t Taylor.”

Find the full 53-song setlist from the LA tribute concert here. The show, by the way, also benefited two charities: Music Support and Musicares.