Dave Chappelle And Foo Fighters Yet Again Cover Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ At The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert In Los Angeles

For years now, Dave Chappelle has been gradually making Radiohead’s classic 1992 single “Creep” part of his live performance legacy. Back in 2016, he sang the song at a Portland strip club’s karaoke night. Later, he and Ed Sheeran teamed up on a rendition of the song. Then, when Foo Fighters performed at Madison Square Garden in 2021, Chappelle was there to, of course, sing “Creep.”

Chappelle was at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London earlier this month, where he didn’t perform but shared some words about Hawkins. He was at last night’s (September 27) Los Angeles tribute show, too, and this time, he was part of the musical lineup, rejoining Foo Fighters for yet another rendition of “Creep.”

The concert, by the way, benefited two charities: Music Support and Musicares.

As for what Chappelle said about Hawkins at the London show, he noted in part of meeting Hawkins’ son Shane, “In that room in Madison Square Garden, even though I had met the Foo Fighters many nights, I felt like I met them for the first time. I’ve seen Taylor be a rock star many nights but it was my first time seeing him be a dad, and what a cool f*cking dad. It was the first time that Dave Grohl and I ever even mentioned the name Kurt Cobain. It was the first time we ever even talked about our love of jazz and go-go music and Taylor’s son Shane was soaking it all in. He sat there, he asked the best questions — not about fame, always about art.”

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