Helado Negro’s ‘Hometown Dream’ Video Is A Nostalgic Trip Down Memory Lane

One of the standout tracks from Helado Negro’s fantastic latest album Far In, “Hometown Dream” is a gorgeous moment of bliss. Propped up on an electric bass groove with woodwind coos and a sparkling drum beat, Helado Negro’s Roberto Carlos Lange sings, “Who could really know you now? Now that you’ve seen these dreams?” as you sink deeper into the hypnotic track.

Now on the new video for “Hometown Dream,” we see Lange today, spliced in with his younger self in footage from a 1988 VHS tape of his first trip to his family’s homeland of Ecuador. A freeze frame from the visual is very distinctly what was captured for the hazy, colorful album cover of Far In.

“Hometown Dream is about me leaving New York after living there for so long,” Lange, who know lives in North Carolina, said in a statement. “New York showed me my north in life and taught me to celebrate existence. My Mom and my Dad both moved to NYC in the ’60s. I spent my 20’s, 30’s, and turned 40 there.”

Conceptually, the “Hometown Dream” video follows suit with the clip for “Outside The Outside,” which also used scenes from old VHS family tapes that Lange recently digitized. In an interview with Uproxx last year, Lange spoke about his journey of self-discovery through his music, saying that: “Those songs are transmissions from an older me to a younger me traveling in the path and that’s what I’ve always tried to hope that people see with what I’m doing.”

Helado Negro’s worldwide tour begins in April and Lange also just announced that Kacy Hill and Kaina will be supporting him on select dates. Check out his website for tour updates here.

Watch the video for “Hometown Dream” above.