Indiecast Inducts Six More Albums Into The Indiecast Hall Of Fame

Fair warning: Steven and Ian assumed they would be in a turkey coma this week, so they banked an episode ahead of time in order to fully enjoy their Thanksgiving celebrations. Hopefully, they did not miss any world-changing music news. If they did, just assume that the guys were killed in some music-industry related mishap. Keep their memory in your hearts!

The upside of this is that Steven and Ian are finally inducting some new albums into the Indiecast Hall Of Fame after an endless eight-month hiatus. Steven decided to pick three albums from one year: 1988. His choices include deathless classics from The Go-Betweens, The Waterboys, and The Smithereens. Ian meanwhile cast a wider net, picking albums from a range of eras including the 1990s (Grant Lee Buffalo), the 2000s (Elbow), and the 2010s (Restorations). It was an incredibly serious and honorable ceremony enjoyed by all!

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