Interpol And David Lynch Are Teaming Up For Some NFTs That Feature New Re-Recordings

In 2011, Interpol got an assist from David Lynch, who created a short film, I Touch A Red Button Man, to accompany Interpol’s “Lights” performance at Coachella. Now, that collaboration is making a return in a new form. This time, it’s an NFT, of which only eight are available in collaboration with HIFI Labs. It’s not just a re-hash of the original Coachella presentation, though, as included are new recordings of the song. Auctions for the NFTs are set to begin today, October 26.

The band’s Paul Banks notes of the performances, “The new performances are stripped-down renditions featuring [Interpol lead guitarist] Daniel Kessler on piano.” He continued, “In the spirit of fandom, we are glad to reveal that one of the eight NFTs will go to fans — for free.”

Banks also spoke about his excitement over working with Lynch, saying, “To be frank, Interpol is crazy about David Lynch, and we are over the moon to have ever been able to align our name with his in an artistic forum. Humbly, we believe that as digital artifacts go, these are worthy of preservation in the infinite digital realm.” He also noted of the band’s choice to partner with Aerial, which allows NFT sellers to offset the carbon footprint of NFTs, “We are pleased to enter the NFT space in as ethical a manner as we could, in conjunction with Aerial. We hope to bring an artful and interactive approach to this launch.”

Jack Spallone, Head Of Crypto And Product at HIFI Labs, says, “What makes us so excited about this release is it memorializes the collaboration between David Lynch and Interpol. Using Ethereum, these NFTs can live in eternity as artifacts of cinematic and musical history. Just as David Lynch’s career helped push the boundaries of film and even fiction, it is now extending into the permanent universe of blockchain.”

Learn more about the NFTs here.