Jamie xx Returns With A Dance-Ready New Single, ‘Let’s Do It Again’

It’s been a while since there’s been a new album from The xx, as I See You came out back in 2017. The trio’s members have still been treating fans with new music in recent years, though, just by themselves. Oliver Sim has released two singles — “Romance With A Memory” and “Fruit” — over the past month, Romy shared “Lifetime” in late 2020, and Jamie xx dropped “Idontknow” also in 2020.

While it’s still not clear when the next LP from The xx is coming, we do get more solo music from Jamie xx today, as he just shared “Let’s Do It Again,” a dance-ready tune in the vein of what we’ve come to expect from Jamie’s solo work.

Jamie says of the song, “I started making this tune last year, just as it felt like we might all be able to start doing the things we love again. I’m so happy to say ‘Let’s Do It Again’ is out today. And I can’t wait to play it for ya this summer!”

Press materials also note the track is “a triumphant return and the first glimpse of what is to come over the next year from” Jamie and that it was “refined during DJ sets around the world in 2021” and “tailor made for a handful of very special shows this summer across the UK, Europe, and US.” They also note Jamie “continues to work” on the follow-up to his 2015 solo album In Colour.

Listen to “Let’s Do It Again” above.