The xx’s Oliver Sim Shares The New Jamie xx-Produced Single ‘Fruit’

The xx’s Oliver Sim has begun releasing solo music as of late. While the bassist/singer/songwriter said previously that he’s “still very much in a loving and happy relationship/band with Romy and Jamie [xx],” he has been using his solo work to explore identity. Now, on the new video for “Fruit,” he celebrates his queerness in spades.

“Have I made you proud? Take a look at me now. If I’ve got my father’s eyes, I’ve got my mother’s smile,” he sings.

The clip depicts him as a TV star, coming out, proud, and with his younger self watching on. Like last month’s release of “Romance With A Memory,” “Fruit” is both produced by Jamie xx and features a video by Yann Gonzalez, whom Sim calls “….sexy, hilarious, scary and soulful… One of my absolute favourite directors.”

Oliver and I have so much in common: we love pop culture, horror films and we used to be femme kids before turning into proud queer adults,” Gonzalez added in a statement. “The song and the TV show here are like a multi-faceted mirror where Oliver and the kid, the live performance with its crew and flirtatious TV host, the 35mm film and the Ikegami video all shine and merge in order to create the same exhilarating feeling of being freed.”

Sim has also announced his first-ever solo tour. Check out all of those dates below, get tickets here, and watch the video for “Fruit” above.

05/10 — London @ Shoreditch Town Hall
05/11 — Paris @ Gaite Lyrique
05/13 — Berlin @ SchwuZ
05/15 — New York City @ Bowery Ballroom
05/17 — Los Angeles @ Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever