Jeff Tweedy’s Unlimited Free Chipotle Card Ended Up Being Kind Of A Hassle, Especially The Day It Stopped Working

Last night (March 30), Wilco stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers for a musical performance, nearly a year after the release of their double album Cruel Country.

Before the performance, the band’s lead vocalist Jeff Tweedy sat down with Meyers for a conversation, where nothing was off-limits. During the interview, Meyers asked Tweedy about a rumored card that allowed Tweedy to eat at Chipotle for free anytime.

“I don’t know how I got it,” Tweedy said. “It showed up in the mail one day in a carved wooden box, like something you would see in an immunity challenge — like an amulet or something. And you opened it up and it said ‘Jeff Tweedy’s free burrito card from Chipotle.'”

Tweedy admitted that he was nervous the first time he used it, however, and that it was rather difficult to use.

“Every single person that you would hand it to at the register would go ‘What the f*ck is this?,’ and you’d go, ‘Just scan it, trust me, just scan it.’ And they would scan it, and they’d go ‘What the f*ck?,'” said Tweedy.

Tweedy said that upon scanning the card, the register would read “100% celebrity discount.” He revealed that sometimes he would buy food for other people in line, and also for his children’s school. However, the perks of the card didn’t last forever.

He said that one day, the card just randomly stopped working.

You can check out the full interview above.