Jensen McRae’s ‘Starting To Get To You’ Is A Buoyant Testament To Her Strength

Jensen McRae‘s breakout moment was anything but conventional. It all started when she joked on Twitter about how Phoebe Bridgers would probably write an anthem about getting a COVID-19 vaccine. She ended up writing that track herself, titled “Immune,” and it immediately put her at center stage. Now following up on her viral success, McRae shares her first new single of the year.

With her song “Starting To Get To You,” McRae sings of staying strong after being wounded by a previous relationship. McRae’s earnest lyrics are underscored by a fluttering beat, which showcases her ability to craft a distinctly buoyant tune.

About the single McRae said: “‘Starting To Get To You’ is about the slow burn. It’s about being friends with someone for a while and always wondering if maybe you could be something more, and then after a long time, everything just sort of falls into place and you see each other in a whole new light.”

Ahead of the release of “Starting To Get To You,” McRae sat down for an interview with Uproxx where she discussed the socially conscious nature of her music:

“I feel like the point of my music is to provide another example of Black womanhood and Black female existence in the world. I think even in my music where I talk about things that are not directly related to my demographic identity, it informs the work I do anyway. When I talk about mental health and unrequited love and adolescence, and in addition, political issues, I feel like my perspective as this person who is at the intersection of a few different marginalized identities comes through always.”

Listen to “Starting To Get To You” above.