Hear X Ambassadors And Jensen McRae’s Distorted New Collaboration ‘Skip That Party’

Jensen Mcrae kicked off 2021 in a big way when her imaginary cover of Phoebe Bridgers’ next single went viral on Twitter. After Phoebe co-signed the cover, McRae went ahead and made a full version of the song, and “Immune” is anything but a joke. It landed Jensen on our rising pop stars list, in that she has the potential to become an artist that takes over this year. McRae is releasing her debut album later this year, and tonight she’s shared a new collaboration with X Ambassadors. The band teased a clip of the new track on Twitter without sharing any details, but now it’s out and the song is called “Skip That Party.”

For her part, Jensen had a pretty epic description of the song — “it’s like ‘Drivers License’ but if Bon Iver wrote it and he was an extremely pissed off 23-year-old girl,” she wrote.

In the track, Jensen and X Ambassadors’ Sam Harris take turns on verses that sound like they’re about the disintegration of a relationship. Decidedly a rock song, with plenty of handclaps and beats, the song gets heavy and distorted at the most emotional peaks. It’s definitely a tear jerker, which might be just what some people are looking for what we have all been through during this pandemic. It’s unclear if the song will be on McRae’s debut album, but it’s listed as an X Ambassadors song that she is featured on. Check out the collaboration above and look out for a lot more new music from MaRae this year.