Jim-E Stack Announces His ‘Promotional Only’ EP By Giving Away Free Copies In Vending Machines

When it comes to an album rollout, many musicians get creative. Kanye West, for one, just built a life-size replica of his childhood home inside a stadium for a Donda album listening party. But indie producer Jim-E Stack has a different innovative idea when it comes to announcing his Promotional Only EP.

Stack may not have re-built his childhood home, but he did decide to surprise-release his EP by giving away free CD copies of it in vending machines. Until this Friday, fans can stop by vending machines at either the Leisure Centre in New York City or Rough Trade West in London to get their free copy of Promotional Only. Along with the vending machines, Stack uploaded the glitchy track “FFBH” to streaming services for fans everywhere to hear.

Ahead of his Promotional Only EP, Stack sat down with Uproxx to chat about his 2020 album Ephemera, which features Bon Iver, Empress Of, Octavian, Kacy Hill, and more. Speaking about his process, Stack says he writes solo and collaborative music differently:

“When I’m working on my own music, it’s completely self-indulgent and I’m just making stuff I want to listen to. Whether I’m just listening to it off of my phone or it’s out on Apple Music and Spotify for everyone to hear, it’s just for me. When I’m working on a song for an artist and their project, the only kind of mindset I’m in is, ‘Am I supporting this person’s vision and helping them realize it?’ I’m just there in a supportive role, kind of like the opposite of a self-indulgent role.”

Listen to “FFBH” above and check out Stack’s Promotional Only cover art and tracklist below.

Rough Trade

1. “2nd Round”
2. “Raving On My Own”
3. “Leaves Outside My Window”
4. “FFBH”
5. “West Magnolia”