Jim-E Stack Serves Up A Synthy Remix Of Perfume Genius’ Lovelorn ‘Without You’

Jim-E Stack debuted his Bon Iver, Empress Of, and Octavian-featuring project Ephemera last month. Though the LP has only been out for a few weeks, Stack has already been hard at work on new music. The musician released a re-imagined version of Perfume Genius’ Set My Heart On Fire Immediately track “Without You,” and it perfectly encompasses both of the musicians’ reflective sound.

Stack’s remix infuses warmer tones into the song through resonating synths and a dynamic, shuffling beat. Stack also extends the song by nearly a minute, stretching out its outro with a hip-swinging bass guitar sample.

Speaking about his decision to remix the song, Stack praised Perfume Genius’ songwriting:

“To my ears a Perfume Genius album always embodies excellence, from the song-writing to the production to the mixing. Every word, note, and sound feels so purposeful while playing its role in each song and in the greater context of the album. I chose to remix ‘Without You,’ because something about it felt timeless and familiar but also grounded and confident. That gave me room to make a completely new instrumental around the vocal. Even though Mike and I are friends and we’ve worked together in the past, I was admittedly intimidated by the task of remixing ‘Without You.’ Once I found a way to bring the song into my world, I started listening to the remix outside the studio and I knew I had done my thing. I just hoped Mike would want to listen to it too.”

Listen to Stack’s “Without You” remix above and find our recent interview with Stack here. Also check out where Set Me Heart On Fire Immediately landed on Uproxx’s Best Albums Of 2020 list.