Jonsi Releases His Own Line Of CBD Tincture Aimed At Boosting Creativity

Jónsi, the mastermind behind Icelandic group Sigur Rós, is making a return to his solo career with a handful of singles after a decade-long hiatus. Along with music, this singer is also working on another project. Jónsi has teamed up with a collective of artists, researchers, farmers, formulators, and experts in the CBD field to unveil his own line of CBD tinctures.

Jónsi’s collaborative collective Vona, which means “hope” in Icelandic, helped the singer produce two variants of tinctures, Sleep and Wake. Stemming from high-grade hemp, both sets of tinctures are designed to aid consumers. According to Vona, Sleep assists with rest and dream cycles while Wake is meant to boost energy, alertness, and creativity.

The singer, who has training in the field of aromatherapy and perfume, said in a statement that it’s possible to combine tinctures for varying results. “It’s like with music, a scent can move you and you don’t exactly know why, because it’s invisible,” Jónsi said. “It’s like pure alchemy. It’s an open platform for experimentation and discovery, and the more you mix together, the better results you’ll probably get.”

This isn’t the first time Jónsi has experimented in the field of CBD. Nearly a decade ago, the musician discovered CBD on a journey to aid his insomnia. In 2017, Jónsi developed a line of Sigurberry CBD gummies with CBD company Lord Jones.

Order Jónsi’s line of Vona tincture here.

Jónsi is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.