Kevin Bacon’s Corntastic Cover Of Viral TikTok Hit ‘It’s Corn’ Has The Juice

At the start of August, YouTube channel Recess Therapy posted a video of a kid named Tariq, a video you’ve probably seen by now: It’s the one where the young man enthusiastically talks about how much he loves corn. The clip inspired Schmoyoho (aka The Gregory Brothers, the folks behind Stranger Things remix “Chrissy, Wake Up” and 2010 hit “Bed Intruder Song”) to remix the video into a song, which has been viral on TikTok for weeks now.

The tune has caught the attention of Kevin Bacon, who went ahead and performed a rendition of the track. In a recent TikTok video, the actor/musician sings and strums along on acoustic guitar… or rather, he uses an ear of corn to hit the strings, which worked out surprisingly well. The performance of course includes all the viral lyrics, from “a big lump with knobs” to “it has the juice.”

This time, Bacon wasn’t surrounded by goats like he usually is. He frequently shares clips of himself on TikTok, performing songs with some goats in tow, like last week when he offered his version of Beyoncé’s Renaissance highlight “Heated.”

Check out the “It’s Corn” cover above and Bacon’s goat-flanked rendition of “Heated” below.


Hot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling Heated, @beyonce. Loving this track. #GoatSongs #Renaissance

♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon