Lucy Dacus Returns To Her Old School For A Classroom Tiny Desk Performance

Lucy Dacus is an established veteran of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series. Her first time participating was in 2016, then she returned in 2018 with her Boygenius cohorts Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker. Now, for her latest Tiny Desk appearance, she visited her alma mater — Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in Richmond, Virginia — and sat behind a different sort of tiny desk.

Joined by a handful of backing musicians, Dacus and company confidently played through a four-song set that featured “Brando,” “VBS,” “Going Going Gone,” and “Thumbs.” Dacus and her band were comfortable with the songs and with each other, as they turned in wonderful performances and laughed with each other between tracks.

Meanwhile, she recently spoke about the future of Boygenius, saying in an interview that she’s hopeful for one: “We want to play together again so bad. I think we’re so busy, but we would take any excuse, we miss each other so much. […] There aren’t any plans [to record together again], but we talk all the time. I think we are the biggest Boygenius fans. We want it to happen, so we’re not working against it.”

Watch Dacus’ Tiny Desk performance above. Also revisit our recent interview with Dacus about Home Video here.