Lucy Dacus Says Her Boygenius Bandmates ‘Want To Play Together Again So Bad’

Boygenius (Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker) had the indie world floored with their self-titled 2018 EP, and while the six songs on the release were great, fans were left wanting more. They’ve actually gotten more in a sense, as the trio has appeared on multiple projects together since then, like on albums from Hayley Williams and Baker. As far as a full-blown Boygenius reunion, though, the band members apparently really want that to happen, too.

Dacus and actress Thandiwe Newton recently had a conversation for Interview Magazine, and naturally, the conversation found its way to Boygenius. Dacus declared, “We want to play together again so bad. I think we’re so busy, but we would take any excuse, we miss each other so much.” She was then asked if the trio plans to record together again, and Dacus responded as optimistically as she could without confirming anything: “There aren’t any plans, but we talk all the time. I think we are the biggest Boygenius fans. We want it to happen, so we’re not working against it.”

Dacus also spoke about how how the trio’s respective record labels (Matador for Dacus and Baker and Dead Oceans for Bridgers) felt about the collaboration, and about how quickly the EP came together. She said:

“They didn’t really have a choice. We were going to be on tour together, so we recorded a song and it just turned into a whole EP, and they were like, ‘All right, well, put this out now.’ We recorded in June and I think the first song came out in August, which is the tightest turnaround. For instance, I recorded Home Video in August 2019, and it’s coming out June 2021. And even writing, we wrote all those songs the day before, or during recording. I think we were all very surprised.”

Read the full conversation here.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. .