Mitski Perfectly Explains Why You Should Put Down Your Phone At Shows

It’s hard not to feel like we’re surrounded by zombies at concerts these days and Mitski is here to drop some knowledge about it all. Heck, it’s hard not to feel like a zombie yourself sometimes. We all like taking pictures and snapping the occasional 15-second clip of the show to post to our Instagram stories. But people also tend to film an entire song, or stop and upload what they just captured in the middle of the show. Mitski — who is as powerful of a performer as they come — just shared some candid words on how important she feels being in the moment at a concert is.

“Sometimes when I see people filming entire songs or whole sets, it makes me feel as though we are not here together,” she said in a tweet thread. Her take is an honest one from not just a performer, but a fan as well and here’s hoping it inspires us all to be in the moment. Check out her full statement below:

A note from Mitski:

Hello! I wanted to speak with you about phones at shows. They’re part of our reality, I have mine on me all the time, and I’m not against taking photos at shows (Though please no flash lol). But sometimes when I see people filming entire songs or whole sets, it makes me feel as though we are not here together. This goes for both when I’m on stage, and when I’m an audience member at shows. I love shows for the feeling of connection, of sharing a dream, and remembering that we have a brief miraculous moment of being alive at the same time, before we part ways. I feel I’m part of something bigger. When I’m on stage and look to you but you are gazing into a screen, it makes me feel as though those of us on stage are being taken from and consumed as content, instead of getting to share a moment with you. Ultimately it’s your night, and I want you to enjoy it as you like. I don’t want to be greedy, I’m fortunate to get to play! Just putting out there that sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can experience magic at a show. But only if we’re there to catch it. Thank you for reading my woo-woo thoughts about shows lol – I just love and believe in them so much, and I want to share them fully with you! Thanks.