Indie Mixtape 20: Momma Have Matching Tattoos Of Each Other’s Names

Brooklyn-based band Momma are quickly becoming one of indie’s most talked about projects — and that’s exactly what the band had hoped for. After being praised then promptly brushed off by several labels, Momma have something to prove on their aptly titled album Household Name, out this Friday.

The alt-rock group, composed of lead singers Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman along with Aron Kobayashi Ritch, already have two albums to their name. But they’re pulling out all the stops with refined hooks and catchy riffs on their upcoming LP. Early singles like “Lucky” and “Speeding 72” display the band’s kinetic songwriting, infusing wailing guitar chords and propulsive rhythms inspired by ’90s grunge. Ahead of their album’s release, Momma chatted with Uproxx about getting matching tattoos of each other’s names and their mutual love of The Cure for our latest Q&A.

What are four words you would use to describe your music?

Allegra: Loud, personal, shiny, bright.

It’s 2050 and the world hasn’t ended and people are still listening to your music. How would you like it to be remembered?

A: Just hooks that get stuck in your head forever. Clever songwriting and purposeful production.

What’s your favorite city in the world to perform?

A: Haven’t really played in that many cities, but the best experience so far would be Brighton.

Who’s the person who has most inspired your work, and why?

A: Liz Phair. You just really can’t beat her lyricism. She also sings in a super low register which makes me feel better about my singing voice.

Where did you eat the best meal of your life?

A: There’s this Greek place called Taverna Tony in Malibu. It’s sooooo good.

What album do you know every word to?

A: Exile In Guyville by Liz Phair or Aha Shake Heartbreak by Kings Of Leon.

What was the best concert you’ve ever attended?

A: Seeing Blur live was surreal. I also remember being really blown away when I saw Grizzly Bear at the Greek Theater when I was in high school.

What is the best outfit for performing and why?

Etta: Personally, it’s always gonna be a button down or t-shirt, a pair of nice jeans, and boots. It’s a perfect option because you don’t have to think about too much besides playing if you’re simply feeling comfortable and confident.

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter and/or Instagram?

E: Jack Black or Tierra Whack.

What’s your most frequently played song in the van on tour?

E: I’m not sure if there’s just one, but me and [Allegra] will always crush “Muscle Cars” by Wussy.

What’s the last thing you Googled?

E:The lyrics to “Grace Kelly” by Mika.

What album makes for the perfect gift?

E: Depends on who you are giving it to, I think. But, if I had never heard Jessica Lea Mayfield’s Make My Head Sing… I’d be really impressed by the music, and by the person who gifted it to me — that album’s pretty perfect.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever crashed while on tour?

E: My ex’s house… Twice on the same tour.

What’s the story behind your first or favorite tattoo?

E: My first tattoo was given to me by an old friend of mine in her childhood bedroom when I was probably 16 or so. It’s a small stick-n-poke of my parent’s birth years on my left wrist. But, some of my most memorable are the matching tattoos I have with Allegra. We both have each other’s names tattooed on our arms, and it was done at a party I threw at my parent’s house once.

What artists keep you from flipping the channel on the radio?

Aron: Probably The Cure, I’m always in the mood for a Cure song. Always catchy, and never gets old.

What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Ar: Hard to top anything my parents have done for me! Definitely wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for all they’ve given and sacrificed.

What’s one piece of advice you’d go back in time to give to your 18-year-old self?

Ar: Try and stress less and believe that things will take their course and happen for a reason!

What’s the last show you went to?

Ar: The last show I saw that wasn’t a bill that we played was Kills Birds in Brighton. It was by far one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen, they’re just so beyond good, it’s upsetting.

What movie can you not resist watching when it’s on TV?

Ar: In terms of pure rewatchability: Wet Hot American Summer or anything by Miyazaki.

What’s one of your hidden talents?

Ar: Before music I wanted to be a chef! I still love cooking at home and do it whenever I can. I’m also a pretty good whistler.

Household Name is out 7/1 via Polyvinyl/Lucky Number Music. Pre-order it here.