Mxmtoon Laments Growing Up On Her New Single ‘Victim Of Nostalgia’

In the weeks leading up to her upcoming album, Rising, Mxmtoon has wrapped up the existential dread that comes with age in a colorful, new bop. On her latest, “Victim Of Nostalgia,” she sings of the woes of getting old and fondly remarks on her childhood.

“It’s the panic of growing up, it’s the fear of missing out,” she sings, before asking herself “Will it ever be enough if I’m a victim of nostalgia?” In the song’s second verse, she thinks back to her YouTube days, asking “Will I always be the words I wrote when I was 17?,” before questioning the effects of climate change, asking “Will the world still be around when I turn 63?”

“A lot of us have fallen victim to that feeling that time moves too quickly,” said Mxmtoon of the song in a statement. “I feel like I blinked one afternoon and suddenly found myself fully cemented in adulthood, wildly unprepared to take on the future and desperately wishing I could go back in time. ‘Victim Of Nostalgia’ is about missing the blind optimism and warmth that’s so much easier to experience when you’re younger. Wanting to escape back into a time when your worries weren’t so pervasive. Looking into the future can be daunting, and I know I’ve personally really struggled with how fast years can feel in the grand scheme of things. I hope one day it’ll feel easier to accept the passage of time, but for now, I definitely find myself as a victim of nostalgia.”

Check out “Victim Of Nostalgia” above.

Rising is out 5/20 via AWAL. Pre-save it here.