Nilüfer Yanya Enjoys The Finer Things In Life On The “Anotherlife” Video

As the March 4th release date for Nilüfer Yanya’s sophomore album, Painless, approaches, the surging British indie rocker has shared another track and video from the project. On the heels of two stellar drops in the breakneck-paced “Stabilise” and the heavenly “Midnight Sun,” comes the affirmational “Anotherlife” and its accompanying video.

Like all of Yanya’s best songs, “Anotherlife” is predicated on the guitar. This time, it’s a breezy groove, showcasing the seemingly infinite combination of sounds that she employs on the ax. In the clip, directed by Yanya’s sister Molly Daniel, she’s stolen away to an island locale to bask in therapeutic baths, decadent fruits, and the serenity of the locales. The video also hints at a feeling of malaise that this peace of mind might carry. “At the core of the song it’s just about being OK with things and accepting that this is where you are at,” Yanya said in a statement. “However, the ‘I’ll do anything’ line hints at a desperation of wanting to let that be known.”

Already a fast-arriving dynamic artist, “Anotherlife” is another welcome wrinkle in the scope of the upcoming Painless.

Listen to “Anotherlife” above.

Painless is out on 3/4 via ATO Records. Pre-order it here and get tickets for Yanya’s 2022 tour dates here.