Nilüfer Yanya’s Is On The Move In The ‘Stabilise’ Video, Which Announces Her ‘Painless’ Album

After her debut LP Miss Universe became one of 2019’s most fascinating breakouts, Nilüfer Yanya is back with even more music. Her driving new single “Stabilise” officially kicks off a new era of music, which she confirmed with the announcement of her upcoming album, Painless.

The “Stabilise” video, directed by Molly Daniel, captures Yanya in constant motion. She starts off on a run as the camera emphasizes the uniform, block-like buildings on her street. She then hops in a cab and rides a bike to her final destination, which sees her rocking out on stage.

Speaking about her inspiration behind the single and it’s visual, Yanya describes how exhausting it can be at times to live in a big city:

“I was really thinking about your surroundings and how much they influence or change your perception of things. A lot of the city is just grey and concrete, there’s no escape. The video plays on the central theme in the song of no one coming to save you ever. It’s set in depths of reality in every day life where we are the only one’s truly capable of salvaging or losing ourselves. Nothing is out there -both a depressing and reassuring statement (depending on how you look at it). Sometimes you have to dress up as a spy or a rock star and just hope for the best.”

Watch Yanya’s “Stabilise” video above and see her Painless cover art and tracklist below.

Nilufer Yanya Painless
ATO Records

1. “The Dealer”
2. “L/R”
3. “Shameless”
4. “Stabilise”
5. “Chase Me”
6. “Midnight Sun”
7. “Trouble”
8. “Try”
9. “Company”
10. “Belong With You”
11. “The Mystic”
12. “Anotherlife”

Painless is out 3/4/2022 via ATO. Pre-order it here.