Nilüfer Yanya Gets Her Wings On The Heavenly-Stringed ‘Midnight Sun’

Come March 4th, British indie rocker Nilüfer Yanya’s Painless will be out into the world. It’s the follow-up to her smashing 2019 debut Miss Universe, where she established herself as a bona fide force. Dropped late last year, the new album’s lead single, “Stabilise,” is a fast-paced tune emphasizing that we’re the only ones who can truly guide ourselves as we navigate this world. Building deeper into that theme, her latest single, “Midnight Sun,” is now out.

Guided by heavenly strings, “Midnight Sun” sees Yanya rising further on her quest to self-actualization. The tempered beat keeps the focus on her vocals as she sings, “Taking chances anywhere / Feelings that we can’t compare.” The video, directed by Molly Daniel, features an angel-winged Yanya towering over the city.

Yanya spoke on the meaning of the song is a statement, saying:

“It’s a song about recognizing what it feels like to be pushed down but wanting to resist. I really like the imagery of ‘midnight sun’ as a lyric as it insinuates a light guiding you through darkness. The wings carry their own symbolism – freedom, lightness, flight, fantasy. If I could pick what people saw & heard it would be seeing the beauty of confrontation and the necessity of rebellion.”

Watch the “Midnight Sun” video above.

Painless is out on 3/4 via ATO Records. Pre-order it here and get tickets for Yanya’s 2022 tour dates here.