NOFX’s Fat Mike And Other Music Legends Are Delaying The Opening Of Their Vegas Punk Rock Museum

NOFX’s Fat Mike, Pennywise’s Fletcher Dragge, visual artist Bryan Ray Turcotte, former Less Than Jake member Vinnie Fiorello, and more members of the “punk collective” were originally set to open The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas next month but it has been delayed until March 10.

Despite the two-month delay in the museum’s grand opening, they still have some serious events planned. Guided tours will be hosted several times a day for 20 people at a time. Oh, and the tour hosts are punk legends, including The Offspring’s Noodles, The Germs’ Don Bolles, Suicidal Tendencies’ Louiche Mayorga, Rise Against’s Zach Blair, and more.

Single-day tickets are available for purchase beginning in January according to the museum’s Instagram.

“Now is your chance to hear about the first Germs shows from Don Bolles, walk with Roger Miret from Agnostic Front as he tells them about living in a van in the Lower East Side in the early 80s, and hear about the crazy meteoric rise to fame from Noodles of The Offspring,” the caption said. “Everyone who books one of these tours will hear stories no one else has heard before, from the people who lived them.”

Other details about The Punk Rock Museum is that it will be a “12,000 square feet space” that includes a tattoo shop, wedding chapel, and a bar, as well as collectibles on display from bands like Devo and Sum 41. It will open in the heart of Downtown Vegas — known as the city’s Art District.

More information and presale tickets are available on the museum’s official website.