Orville Peck Unveils Four New ‘Bronco’ Songs And Releases An Old-Timey Music Video

Orville Peck, famous shoegaze cowboy, announced his new album Bronco last month alongside the release of “C’mon Baby, Cry,” and stated that he was “inspired by country rock, ’60s & ’70s psychedelic, California and bluegrass with everything being anchored in country.” Today, Chapter Two of the album is out, following the unveiling of Chapter One.

Chapter Two includes the singles “The Curse Of The Blackened Eye,” “Kalahari Down,” “Trample Out The Days,” and “Hexie Mountains,” the first of which comes with a music video. Despite the humor of his fringed mask and incredibly deep baritone, his words hold wisdom: “It ain’t the letting go / it’s more about the things that you take with,” he intones with certainty.

“The songs on Bronco‘s second chapter explore some of the most vulnerable places I’ve ever gone to with my music,” Peck said. “I sing about home, escape, longing, resentment… This chapter, lyrically, has some of my favourite songs on the album. Plus I’ve always been a sucker for a ballad.”

These songs join the previously-unleashed “C’mon Baby, Cry,” “Daytona Sand,” “Outta Time,” and “Any Turn” from Chapter One. All that’s left now is Chapter Three.

Watch the “The Curse Of The Blackened Eye” video above and listen to the other new songs below.

Bronco is out 4/8 via Columbia Records. Pre-order it here.