Phoebe Bridgers Performs ‘Sidelines’ As A Football-Playing Skeleton On ‘The Tonight Show’

For years now, if Phoebe Bridgers has made a public appearance, odds are she’s done it in the same skeleton costume she’s really taken to wearing virtually all the time. Sometimes, though, she’ll mix it up, like she did with her fancy Thom Browne skeleton dress at the 2021 Grammys (that dress actually partially inspired the whole skeleton thing for Bridgers, by the way).

She switched things up again on The Tonight Show, where she performed “Sidelines.” This time, Bridgers donned a football uniform, complete with bulky pads, and stripped the song down, singing over delicate piano and strings for this Jimmy Fallon rendition.

The new costume might remind fans of Bridgers’ 2020 video for “I Know The End,” which ends with Bridgers, in her traditional skeleton outfit, performing the song in a football stadium.

It was previously indicated that “Sidelines” would be Bridgers’ only new song of 2022, but since then, she has decided to not rule out the possibility of more fresh music this year: In an interview from April, Bridgers was asked if “Sidelines” actually will be her sole output of the year and she responded, “Uh, who knows, actually. I try to do things that are exciting, so I never really know what I’m gonna do.”

Watch Bridgers perform “Sidelines” above.